Automized global bicycle parking service

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Описание бизнес идеи

Theoretically possible income from the participation in this project for you as a partner, investor, 6 billion Euro for parking services and 4.8 billion of income from sales of parking boxes to individuals.  With this in mind, the overall IRR of major investor from participate in the project could reach 48543689.32% I understand that the figure seems unrealistic, but I assume the potential, based on the size of the market for our product.

About the project

1. Grant of parking services (for bicycles) on the territory of European countries, USA, Canada, the developed countries in Asia, in Australia. Includes the manufacture of innovative technological solutions of the parking, which has no analogues. That will significantly increase the level of urban comfort, increase security in the region associated with the storage of bicycles. Which will allow the citizens of the world to review the role of the bicycle in the city.

2. Parking system can physically and visually hide all parked bicycles in cities around the world. Thus, our parking service can free up the streets and squares of parked bikes. What is very important and relevant for the countries in which the bike is a popular vehicle.

3. System of business will allow our company to deal with the global charity. The annual size of the charity fund can amount to about 36 billion Euro.

Parking project only the "tip of the iceberg." In fact, this is only a small segment of what is planned in the overall global project. The objectives of this segment (parking project) is not only the solution of infrastructural problems of the world, but also the creation of a global charitable foundation.

4. Selling of our product (parking boxes) to the individuals. A potential buyer of our product can be every person, often enjoys the bike and owns a private house. Sale of parking boxes will be available to private customers at the early stages of the project.

Полное описание инвестиционного проекта


Global market, with mild competition. Unique business system will allow to create the necessary conditions for a rapid and maximum possible coverage of world markets. We are talking about a huge market for the needs of only one parking service will require the production of 600mln. parking boxes.

Also there will be an alternative, an additional market for our product. It is about selling our product to individuals. Our product 'parking boxes "is ideal for installation near the cottages.

The size of this market is 480 mln. boxes. Our potential customers, people who love bikes and owning private houses (around the world).

Selling our products to individuals, will reduce the risks for the project to the minimum possible. That will not only save your money but also bring you a guaranteed income even in the case of a complete collapse of the project.


In any business, the competition is very strong effect on the complexity of doing business in general on its further success. In our case, given that we are talking about bicycle infrastructure, this area is underdeveloped and in fact there is no competition. Although there are innovative solutions in the world. But they have significant critical flaws.

For example, here is one of such solution   Principle of operation of this parking  is following.Under the ground is a huge reservoir which can accommodate a 200-300 bicycles. Looking at the video you can understand the principle. In this parking solution there are its advantages, for example, the parking capacity. But really, it's parking solution has a large number of defects. And critical defects. Let me explain.

First, to install such parking it is need to dig a huge pit. Perhaps somewhere on the outskirts of cities it is still possible. But imagine a construction site somewhere in the heart of Europe, in the central streets of cities it will be digging a huge pit. No one will not do it.Besides safety can't afford to make the land work with such a large-scale digging.In addition, such parking systems somehow taken for themselves the urban space. Since such parking station, anyway, it is always on the surface.

Another disadvantage is generally critical. Looking at the video you can see that the cyclist came with a bicycle for parking. To park bike you need to spend some time. For people who will be willing to take their bike from parking, this time will be even greater. As if during parking the bike, the bike should be loaded on skids and it is theoretically possible to go away from the parking, in the case when you need to take away bicycle, you should be expected. You may think that there is nothing wrong with that. But you should always remember the reality to be reckoned with. Imagine the rush hour, morning or evening. The crowd of cyclists park their bikes and someone contrary takes away. I think you understand that form a queue, a long queue and minutes of waiting. Waiting, which nobody wants. And how do you think people will be willing to wait? And over the daily queue you need to pay money. Dubious pleasure. Watching video about the Japanese park be sure to pay attention to the time it takes to park the bike and to pick up the bike. And imagine the rush hour.

In general, the speed and ease of parking a bike is essential. If for parking the bike people have to spend a lot of time or carry out a series of tedious manipulations, citizens refuse from such parking solutions. Actually however the majority is still cycling infrastructure related to bicycle parking completely undeveloped.

Using the standard primitive parks, to which bicycles chained. Such parking equivalent to the tree or pole, to which with the same success can be chained bicycle. As you know, such parks can't provide even the minimum level of security. Bicycles systematically stolen, removed parts of the bike. People as a result using the most cheap bikes. Pay attention to the condition of bicycles, and the quality of the image below. And it's in the Netherlands, one of the most developed countries of the world.

I'm not talking about the fact that the standard parking itself takes urban space. But they are, because there are no alternatives. We will become such an alternative. And people, they always choose what is comfortable and safety. I don't mention the fact that in this case we not only bring beneficial changes in the global cycling infrastructure, but also create a charity and the opportunity to earn money for the citizens of the world. Is there at least one parking solution that is capable of such opportunities ...?


In addition I would like to say the following1. We get excellent advertising from ECF European cycling federation. This I wrote to the director of development Kevin Mayne https: // In such way Federation will talk about this project. Therefore, we will be known about the world. Or rather that part of the world, which in our case would be the target.___2.To start the project need the amount of money greater than that which has been notified. Due to the additional costs. In the first stage for promotional purposes, I wish to place 3 parking boxing in Kiev (Ukraine) for free use. Besides registration of the company abroad (in the Netherlands) will require 1,800 euro. Investment partner ceiling in this case 20000USD___3.We will make a beautiful design of the visible part of the parking boxes. Due to this, parking boxes placed in the streets and squares of the world, will not only bear the practical benefits, but also decorate the streets and squares of the world. One type of coating the top of the parking box will be this material. Colored sand, on this page you can see the range. Thus sand we create beautiful patterns in parking lots, put up in a single line along the streets.

Залог, гарантии возврата инвестиций

In this case, as failure, I mean the following. The project will not be able to reach the level that would allow large-scale expansion of our company's future. Therefore, we will not be able to perform the tasks laid down initially in the project. In addition to everything we cannot create a charity and engage in investing in the future of our planet. How will this affect investors? He cannot get the benefits that I see on the basis of the potential size of the market. I'm talking about the amount of 6 billion Euro. The main reason for a possible failure. State Government will not allow this project on the territory of their cities. It offered to the investor to invest the minimum required amount of 12360. This amount includes the following fact. Prototype, design patents abroad. And the creation of the site. The difference embedding / huge income. We must remember that the risk of 12 360 dollars, you can earn 6 billion Euro for creating the parking service and 4.8 billion Euro on sales of parking boxes to individuals. But if we did not work with the creation of a parking service we have an additional alternative market for our products. We will sell our innovative solutions to individuals. Actually, these sales are guaranteed to get your money, the more your investment will multiply. Therefore, actually taking into account the uniqueness of our product, the possibility that we will have, as well as the overall relevance, as the project and product, you are guaranteed to make a profit by taking part in this project.

Поставщики сырья, сбыт продукции

Suppliers of raw materials will deal with my partners, the company's "Metaform" and "the Servo" Accordingly, our company will not be burdened by such questions. With regard to the marketing of products. The main market is the same, our parent company, for which we will make parking boxes. In the amount that you want to create a global parking service. 600 million parking boxes. Secondary alternative market, the sale of our parking boxes overseas on trading platforms such as Kickstarter.

Дополнительная информация

Стадия проектаБизнес идея
Цель инвестицийСоздание нового предприятия
Рабочие места-
Тип инвестораВсе
Форма инвестицийДолевое участие

Решение социальных задач

1. Our project is radically enhance the security of the world's cities in the region associated with parking and bicycle storage. It will be very important and it is important for the countries in which the bike is a popular means of transportation.2. We will be able clear the city of the world from the chaos of parked bikes. Physically and visually freeing up the streets and squares of cities by bicycle, thus we will increase the physical and mental comfort to citizens3. Indirectly and directly, we will contribute to the improvement of mankind by creating excellent conditions for the development of cycling infrastructure. In turn, the cycling will strengthen the mental and physical health of mankind.4. In addition, we completely get rid of people from those problems and stresses that are associated with parking and bicycle storage. Comprehensive protection not only bikes but also their owners from the excitement associated with the possible theft of property (bicycle)5. We will promote a healthy lifestyle. And for its part, we will create the necessary conditions in the area in which we work.6. Our parent company, after the establishment of the charity fund to finance social and economic projects in the countries in which our company will work.

Решение экологических задач

1. Indirectly and directly, we will contribute to the growth of number of cyclists in cities around the world. That in turn will reduce urban pollution, as people will be able to transfer to bicycles. I'm talking about those people who do not want to change to bikes because of the high risk of bicycle theft and insufficiently high level of service when parking and bicycle storage.2. Our future welfare fund will invest finances in the development and implementation of research projects which are directly and indirectly beneficial effect on the climate and environment of the world.

Команда, компетенция и опыт

The project participants, partners, vendors. This project will be implemented by two companies. Scientific production company "Metaform" specializing in electronics development, software automation design. And engineering company "Servo" specializes in manufacturing automation. After the first stage, these companies will be able to take the subsequent production of parking boxes. In case of success of the project, they can organize mass production of our product in Ukraine.

Инициатор проекта, контакты

As for me, the author of this project, My name Radislav. The scope of my interests is development of alternative economic and social projects. The projects, which, if implemented, could change world in a complex. The project of the parking service I am the developer of the very concept of a parking service, product developer (parking boxing), developer of the unique mechanics of the business, which will enable a minimum investment of means to obtain the maximum benefit for the participants of this project.

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