Проект по типу услуг Uber в США

Тип предложенияИнвестиционный проект
Сумма инвестиций 85000 USD
Годовая доходность50 %
Срок окупаемости2 года
Срок проекта1 год
Возврат инвестиций0 %
Cтоимость проекта0 USD
Доля инвестора50 %
Права инвестораДоля от прибыли %
Регион США
СфераДругое, Услуги, сервис
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Рейтинг - 5,00

Описание бизнес идеи

Проект по типу UBER. Разница лишь в том, что направление сферы услуг другая, но очень распространенная в США. Платформа app на основе uber.

Целевое назначение инвестиций

Application development

Предложение инвестору

40/60 split of profit, option to participate in company operation. large type of demand in this kind of service.

Полное описание инвестиционного проекта

Business Module exactly like UBER It will include some basic features like: Profile Editing Active or inactive driver options where an active driver is visible on the map. Activity alert where app notifies the driver when he is selected for a drive. Generating monthly/daily reports or revenue generated. For Clients: Managing profile and personal information Booking Calling and text facility from the app Acknowledgment about fair estimation and discounts Tracking details Ratings to driver Payment options and split fair facility. What features for an app like UBER may contribute in estimating cost ? 1) Map and GPS Integration Generally, GPS technology is used to identify the current location. Besides, users are also facilitated to identify their cars with map positioning and integration. You need to have routing server to know the distances and run the routes. Uber’s famous slogan ‘Get the ride at the button tap’ shows that it's more than simple for users but there is the lot more complexity in the processes and architecture ‘behind the scene’. As routing engines along with map and GPS integration is hard to maintain for the flawless service, it strongly contributes in estimating app cost. Payments Payment Gateway Estimate Registration and profiles


There is a similar business in USA, but not that organised under the one app and under one umbrella.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

Advantage of technologies that have become commonplace for most of us: Smartphones and social networks. Sign up for an account, download the respective app, and with a few swipes you’ve set up a customized service for yourself, all without the help of a surly dispatcher. The cost may be less than that of a regular or similar services nationwide and you can obtain price quotes ahead of time. (Who hasn’t endured the embarrassment of being a few dollars short at the end of a similar service?) Additionally, you need not worry about carrying enough cash as the credit card you’ve put on file will be charged. You can also be notified via text when your service is done. Can't open all cards of nature of business at this moment, but if there a serious investor, I'll disclose more info. Based on info provided, the idea is pretty much understandable.

Дополнительная информация

Стадия проектаБизнес идея
Цель инвестицийСоздание нового предприятия
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Тип инвестораЧастный инвестор
Форма инвестицийДолевое участие

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