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Тип предложенияИнвестиционный проект
Сумма инвестиций 170000 USD
Годовая доходность30 %
Срок окупаемости2 года
Срок проекта1 год
Возврат инвестиций100 %
Cтоимость проекта170000 USD
Доля инвестора30 %
Права инвестораДоля от прибыли %
Регион Кипр
Dennis Istamov
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Описание бизнес идеи

Our company need to have 6-12 villas + 6-12 apartments in each complex and rent them all for 12 month. The price for each full furnished villas with pool is €1000 per month and for each apartment is €400.

The price is lower because we rent them for 12 month and not just for the tourists season. Tourist season is from April until the last days of October. We want to find an investor for villas of complex to rent them.

Полное описание инвестиционного проекта

We are searching for investor to rent complex of 11 villas and complex of 6-12 apartments for sub-rent them in Agia-Napa and Protaras area in Cyprus.

We have already made a list of customers and we work with world wide famous web-sites such as "" etc.

For your understanding of income :

Complex of 11 villas

Rent of villa per month: €1000

Income of average load per villa a month : €6000

Complex of 6-12 aparments

Rent of apartment per month : €400

Income of average load per apartment a month : €1000

Our target is to offer quality service to our customers and to make their holidays happy and enjoyable.

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Форма инвестицийКредит

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