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Igor Kozlovskyi
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Описание бизнес идеи

The main mission of the Magazine – is to conservation the Nature. The industrial progress has caused a lot of damage to human morality and caused the thoughtless use of natural resources. You can support our fight against destruction of nature in today's society by helping us to combine efforts to eradicate caused the thoughtless use of natural resources of the present generation on the Earth. We ask you to join with us for the purpose of promoting promote the idea of rational use of natural resources of our Planet. After all, all good things work together for those that love the Nature. Our goal is to change the outlook of the new generation. Our magazine will bring together the Scientific world, and will be a progressive fighter for the save the Earth. We invite you to invest in us the amount of $12,472,000. This amount will be detailed in the business plan. Our goal: to create a global magazine for scientists. Our struggle is to create a worldwide influential popular science magazine with a marketable presence in every country. The goal is to reach the World Market; and to implement it we need to publish our magazine in 5 additional languages: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. Our plan is to open 25 offices of The World Geographic Magazine around the globe. For this we need to move our main office of the Magazine to Los Angeles, California in the U.S., and the Company registration in Dallas, Texas. US. World Geographic magazine as a local product in all covered countries. This is an invaluable experience, and this experience will need to cover all regions of the World.

Полное описание инвестиционного проекта

World Geographic magazine contains captivating stories of the most important expeditions of modern travelers and scientists, as well as important scientific discoveries in the world. The magazine publishes stories of the most amazing places on the planet, the most dangerous hikes, reviews of ordinary tourists, divers, in which they talk about their emotional adventure. The main feature of these reports is the author presence in the adventure that is the main component of these reports, and creates a unique style of published materials. World Geographic magazine publications became the most desirable in the country, despite the limitations of funds and changes in tax legislation in the Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the war came to the Ukraine in 2014. Military crisis as well as the global crisis resulted in an outflow of investments from Ukraine. Hence this situation has forced us to seek a new vision for the business. Thanks be to the Lord, we have found a way to release World Geographic magazine into the international market. We are happy to be able to influence the world of humanity.

Despite the fact that there is competition from Russian and American popular science publications in Ukraine, our magazine has its niche in this market. Given this fact, we want to position the World Geographic magazine as a local product in all covered countries. This is an invaluable experience, and this experience will need to cover all regions of the World.

The main source of income of our magazine, like any other, is the sale of advertising space in each issue. The magazine laws of any country, in editions of 160 pages, allows 25% of the page to be allocated to advertising. Advertising is the main source of revenues (excluding direct sales network selling copies in press).

The most important attractive side, which distinguishes us from the competitors is that all issues of the World Geographic magazine comes out in two languages ​​– English and another (right column - Eng., Left - different.).

This method of presentation attracted twice the number of copies for the audience. It also encourages the purchase of journal by those who wish to learn scientific English. In addition, the reader can see the majority of printed material in the original language.

In view of the experience gained in such a manner of presentation, now in the plans of the World Geographic magazine – access to the international market.

Namely: the translation of the journal is to have 5 additional languages ​​(other than English and Ukrainian), and magazine publishing in the languages ​​of those countries. These languages: French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. In these languages ​​read citizens of over 40 countries. Given the fact that, as mentioned above, the main source of income of the magazine is selling its own advertising space (pages), it was decided to establish a Special Branch-offices in major cities of countries in which languages ​​is planned to publish the World Geographic magazine. Overall, we plan simultaneous launch of 25 offices.

Simultaneous launch of the offices provided that each issue of World Geographic magazine due out simultaneously in all these countries and sold over the Internet.

We have successfully published the World Geographic magazine in the Ukraine for the past 18 years in both the Ukrainian and English languages. We now have a stable base for business and would like to expand it around the World. The main task of the new offices – is the procurement of monthly advertisers, as this is the main income, as well as healthy Magazine sales in those countries. By implementing this project we want true scientific journals circulating around the World, and at the same time attracting advertisers. Therefore, we need investments for a successful implementation of this project. We ask you to invest in us $12,472,000. At the same time there will be organized serious and iconic expeditions which would draw the attention of more people to the Magazine and to our cause.

World Geographic magazine is for the scientists who are workers at any level. The magazine commits to be a platform for scientists who are representing the creationists’ vision in the World which can both encourage and provide role models to other men and women. World Geographic magazine, through its magazine, books, and editorial content, will be a vessel to inform artists about artistic principles in everyday business and will encourage interaction among scientists as business people. Our mission is to promote the concept of "community" in the workplace.

In addition, World Geographic magazine will market books via direct marketing and through established artist distribution channels. The direct marketing of Creationists’ books will be implemented through its magazine readership base. Publishing is a high profit and high margin business. The key to success is successful marketing. The Magazine has a highly focused multi-dimensional sales and marketing plan to quickly build its total circulation base. The same channels and methods were utilized to establish a circulation of 500,000 in the first year for the Visionary Artist's periodical.

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