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Тип предложенияИнвестиционный проект
Сумма инвестиций 800000 USD
Годовая доходность15 %
Срок окупаемости2 года
Срок проекта3 года
Возврат инвестиций350 %
Cтоимость проекта1500000 USD
Доля инвестора10 %
Права инвестораДоля от прибыли %
Регион Чехия
СфераКультура и искусство
Aitalina Alekseeva
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Описание бизнес идеи

Idea: unique clothes for all.Realization of idea: a couturier for all.Positive and negative factors: the clothes are created for all. Thanks to it will easily pay for itself.Legal registration: Open company or SP.Investments: 800000.Payback period: three year.Finance: investments.It is clothes for all. It takes any forms, and its main plus is the innovation in the sphere of fashion.The project is realized gradually, gaining steam.

Полное описание инвестиционного проекта

2. Characteristics and quality of production.1) I on social networks find talented and creative designers with own sense of style. They send me the works. I select from them the most interesting. I conduct social survey. If responses good, I start search of sponsors.2) I on the Internet send these works and the project to the most influential people and firms. Those who will agree to sponsor and realize the project, I personally meet in New York and we make the plan of implementation of the project.3) We bring together designers in New York. We create a bright collection summer 2013.4) Display will be the following step. We will carry out it directly on the Wall Street. Thus, our collection will be seen by public. And the invited mass media will extend news about display. Thus, unexpected break will draw to us attention, and, using it, we do the following display which will approve our position in the industry of fashion.5) Display in Paris will be a top of our purpose in break in the industry of fashion.6) The subsequent displays we will show the innovation and identity. "The fashion for all" will become a recognizable brand.Our motto will be: "The fashion is created for all". All of us time will aspire forward, and we will win not only the USA, but also other countries. The project is subdivided into some stages.For you in all beauty – the main display. It can be carried out anywhere. Places can be very unexpected and interesting. People learn about a venue through mass media. It isn't known of display until the last minute. The effect of surprise will help an agiotage and interest round display. In display we will show the main ideas and the concept of a season of creation of dresses. Will be present at this show not only the main designers, but also every time we will open beginners in the industry of fashion. His dresses will also be in a collection. During demonstration of dresses people will examine new perfume which will soar in air during passing of models. And also one more innovation in this display will be that dresses can be got right after the end of show. Acquisition will be in the form of auction. Auction will be conducted by the invited star. After show there will be a buffet reception with fireworks (very bright show of pyrotechnics). During a buffet reception people can exchange the opinion concerning display.  With love  – display of casual clothes which after action will be on sale in shops. Ordinary buyers whom will choose by method of casual selection will be models. Thus, we will win love of public that is equivalent to huge success. We will allow people to feel the real models, and we will make evening of display a magic and pleasant memories for them. The invited singer or group will sing during display. People will be able to invite the friends and relatives who will congratulate them after show during a puskaniye of phosphoric air snakes in the night sky. The world is beautiful  – the international display. To this display we will invite designers since the different ends of the earth. Show every time will be carried out in the different cities. It will be carried out within one week during which designers will be able to communicate with each other accompanied by television which it will photograph and after display will broadcast on television. Designers will go on sights of the city, to be inspired and create. During this time they will create a uniform collection, having introduced everyone something special and unique. As a result we will receive fine show. Star light  – the display devoted to any star – a style icon. For example, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. We will inform on this action in a month, and persons interested will send the works in which they will display style of a star. Any person, irrespective of a floor and age can take part in this competition. Everything will occur absolutely anonymously. This evening a star has to be only one world personality who excited people and left the trace in the history of mankind. Anyone as the ticket will be on sale at quite acceptable price can come to display. Forty five percent of profit will go to charity foundation which was supported by a star. After display there will be a zapuskaniye in the sky the burning lamps for the sake of light memory of this person. A trace of a paw  – fashionable display in which we will present clothes for domestic pets, dogs and cats will be models. For this purpose we will involve the designers specializing on design of clothes for animals. Thanks to it at our pets will appear own a kuterye who will create for them beautiful and convenient clothes, according to their wishes (convenience means). And also we will attract supporters Greenpeace to ourselves. Before display cynologists and psychologists of animals will work with dogs and cats that there were no problems during display. No violence and a prinuditelstvo will exist in relation to animals. Animal activists who will be able at desire to be present on training can be convinced of it. Sixty percent from profit will go to the Greenpeace charity foundation. Shine diamond – display of haute couture. Its innovation will be that in each dress we use jewels and Swarovski's diamonds. The clothes presented on display aren't on sale. In demonstration we will show the main ideas. People can register to us if you wish to receive dresses which prototype saw on show. For each person we create an individual dress which isn't on sale. After display persons interested will be able to start doing official orders (to address to secretaries). 7) A new face  – fashionable display of creative, individual clothes. This display will differ in that in it people not with an ideal figure, and with beautiful, charismatic faces will be models. This display we will show that optional to people to have ideal parameters to become models. Rather beautiful face and a sincere smile for perfection. Thus, we will significantly reduce number of the people having anorexia and bulimia. The bridge in a runaway  – the world congress of designers. This evening there will be a festival of fashion designers who will come in the dresses. And they will be able to communicate, exchange opinion concerning fashion. Among them there will be special juries which by the end of evening will select one most talented and creative designer that that could present the collection in display "For you in all beauty". And besides this evening there will be many any games, competitions, entertainments, a buffet reception and fireworks. Thus, this day can become the world holiday of designers.MissionSense of existence of the project that we make fashion available to everyone, and we open new talents, thus creating opening in the industry of fashion.Project purposeWe create a world brand which does fashion for all. Also we open new designers who have own sense of style. Thus, thanks to us beginners will be able to break in the industry of fashion, and not to bury the talent. Finally these designers will be able to create beautiful clothes, and the example to show that it isn't necessary to limit itself and the world. Tasks1. To create a world brand2. Help to charity foundations3. Discovery of new talents in the industry of fashion4. To create the first fashion show for animals.Target audienceThe project is created for all, irrespective of a floor and age.Buildings of FFAFFA has the main center of production of ideas, branches and shops.Shops will differ from other shops.Photographer of "self". In shops there is a podium round which there are cameras. The buyer tries on clothes and goes on a podium while cameras photograph. Then online comes into the room of fitting and looks, whether the clothes suit it. The buyer can change a background of a podium and look how the clothes in this or that place will look.Room online. The shop very big therefore time everything can not be enough for the buyer to try on and to look, and for this purpose there is a Fitting Online appendix. Through this appendix the buyer can look at goods available and "Try on" clothes, for regular customers there will be their profile (Friends of FFA). It is also possible to order clothes if in this branch there is no the pleasant thing, but it is in other shop.Friends of FFA. Under this category people who constantly buy approach and leave the comments and councils for improvement of a brand. Special privileges, such as prepurchase are provided to them (before delivery of a new collection in a day the invitation to visit shop is sent them and to look and buy clothes before other buyers); special discounts and gifts; opening of own profile (it is possible to make the list of the purchases, to leave the design for consideration, the latest collections will go on phone).Persons FFA. These are representatives of FFA who travel all over the world and visit actions of a brand and advertize. They will have an own blog.Life with FFA. Founders and workers of FFA will have the blog which will give all the best every week. The blog will remind the movie. All falling and take-off of FFA will be posted in the Internet.Presence of competitors: no.Quality of production:1. Expenses and income.2. Sequence of actions.- investments into a product- registration of SP- search of designers from around the world- buying up of necessary material- preparation of the first collection- display.


FFA Inside - reality show of members FFA. Seems like a movie

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Стадия проектаНачальная стадия
Цель инвестицийСоздание нового предприятия
Рабочие места11
Тип инвестораЧастный инвестор
Форма инвестицийДолевое участие

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help of new designers and homeless animals

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JellyFish - director of FFA AppleTea - chief designer of clothes

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