Производство порошка из титановых сплавов

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Регион Литва
Владимир Андрийчук
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Производство порошка из титановых сплавов для 3D принтеров и сырья для производства лакокрасочных материалов. Используеться технология и сырьевые материалы, которые позволяют сократить расходы на изготовление продукции, по сравнению с действующими рыночными ценами, до 50%.

Полное описание инвестиционного проекта

Tel +380972260825 E-mail: ava2017r@gmail.com Название компании Chairman Mr. ________________________ Dear Mr. Chairman! I have the honor to offer to your attention for a promising project of the production of spherical powders based on titanium and other alloys for additive technologies at the production facility of JSC "Fronteria", Lithuania. The organization of production of powders will allow producing them for classical, additive powder technologies that are widely introduced in high-tech industries: chemistry, aviation, medicine, space technologies and nuclear energy. According to the information of «Roskil» analytical agency, the annual increase in demand for titanium until 2020 will be at least 6%. Accordingly, by 2018 the titanium market will reach 200 thousand tons, which will require at least 250 thousand tons of titanium sponge. The existing world capacities for the production of powders, for example, from a titanium sponge, do not provide an opportunity to satisfy the ever-growing requirements for the use of this metal. The deficit of powders will only increase and given the expansion of its uses. The accelerated development of AM technologies is one of the factors determining the growth of consumption of titanium products. According to «Wohlers Associates», the world market of AM technologies in 2014 amounted to about 3 billion US dollars. At an average growth rate of 25-30% per year, it is projected that by 2020 the market volume will reach 16 - 17 billion dollars. Accordingly, the need for the use of metal powders, especially titanium, will increase. The wholesale price of powder materials in the European market is approximately as follows: - Titanium powder -230 $ / kg; - Ti6Al - 250 $ / kg; - CoCr alloy -150 $ / kg; - Al alloys - 90 $ / kg; - Inconel 625 -75 $ / kg. JSC "Fronteria", in which the leading scientists and professional specialists of the former Soviet Union work, has extensive experience in both scientific development and industrial production of titanium and its alloys. Employees of the enterprise developed and experimentally tested the modern technology for the production of powders and titanium alloys, which significantly reduces the cost of their production. According to our calculations, confirmed by experimental production, the cost of manufacturing 1 kilogram of powder does not exceed $ 40. This is several times lower than the cost of production of titanium powders in currently operating enterprises. Such indicator of the cost price of a product is reached due to: 1. The enterprise provides for the use of highly efficient equipment and modern technology, tested in laboratory conditions for the production of titanium powder. 2. Significant reduction in costs for the purchase of raw materials and other components. 3. Savings in labor costs through the use of special equipment and high automation of technological processes. 4. Effective use of energy resources. Its alloys and other powder compositions (including intermetallic) in industrial volumes to organize the production of titanium powders, it is necessary to significantly expand the capacity of JSC “Fronteria” by attracting investment funds. The amount necessary to expand the capacity of the company is 16 - 18 million US dollars. The production capacity of such an enterprise will allow the daily production of 1100 - 1300 kilograms per day of spherical powders for 3D technologies. For comparison, about 17 million US dollars were spent on the production of 43kg/day in the powdery titanium alloy powder manufacturing plants in China, at the Harbin Helicopter Plant of the Aerospace Agency. Photo of the workshop and installation: Preliminary calculations show that the return on investment (investment) does not exceed 2.5 years. Financial calculation from the sale of products for years, with a minimum price of $ 150 per kg, with a cost of production, about $ 40 per 1 kg is given in the table (project, 1st stage). Name of the product Unit. 2 year 3 year 4 year 4 year For 5 amend. years (alloy powder type BT 6) Powders Tons 100 300 500 500 1400 Gross income mill. $ 15,0 45,0 65,0 65,0 190,0 Production costs mill. $ 3.58 10.74 17,9 17,9 50,12 Profit mill. $ 11,42 34,26 47,1 47,1 139,88 The main customers and consumers of AM products are the aviation and automotive industries of the US, Europe and China. These technologies are used by large industrial companies: Boeing, Mercedes, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi, General Motors. For example, in recent years, Boeing has significantly increased the range of parts manufactured using AM technology. Now, in this way, more than 22,000 parts of 300 items are produced for 10 types of military and commercial aircraft, including the Dreamliner. The use of additive technologies makes it possible to manufacture parts with characteristics that are not available for other processing methods (for example, with curved holes or internal voids). The layered method of constructing the part gives completely new possibilities, for example, the production of "part in a part", parts with variable material properties (so-called gradient materials), the release of mesh structures that can`t be obtained either by casting or by machining. I ask you to consider the possibility of participating in the implementation of this project. Detailed information on this project on your request, we will provide an additional. Sincerely yours, Director for International Relations Vladimir Andriychuk. Tel +380972260825 E-mail: ava2017r@gmail.com

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Оборудование и недвижимость, приобретённые в процессе деятельности предприятия.

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Запорожский титано-магниевый комбинат. Сбыт: предприятиям использующим в технологическом процессе 3D принтеры, предприятиям - изготовителям лакокрасочных материалов.

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Ученые - металлурги производства титана и титановых сплавов. Опыт работы 25-30 лет.

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Андрийчук Владимир. Тел. +380972260825. е-mail: ava2017r@gmail.com



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