Ghana Metallurgical Gold Export Co.

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ИнициаторGhana Metallurgical Gold Export Co. Ltd

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22+ Carat Dore Bars  CIF

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Dear Sir,


We are a gold mining and exporting outfit with all requisite licenses /approvals to mine and export gold Dore bars out of Ghana.

Our gold is trad-able,  lift-able,  exportable,  free  of  liens  and encumbrances  and  not  blocked  by  any  government,  bank  or nation or subject to embargo, clear, clean and of non- criminal origin.

As a matter of company policy, we do not solicit or accept any kind of upfront payment, however, we would prefer signing a long time supply contract whereby, we make monthly delivery and get paid based on buyers refinery assay report.

However, buyers under this arrangement will have to make a one-time visit to Ghana to meet the stakeholders, sign contract agreement and supervise the initial shipment.

Subsequent shipment would not require buyer’s presence in Ghana.

With the stock market and other financial markets so volatile, many experienced and novice investors are turning to a tangible investment such as Bullion Bars.

Now, more than ever before is the most important time to own gold.

I have taken the extra step to have the gold dated, and photographed to douse any doubt you may entertain about its availability.


It will interest you to note that we also pay attractive commission for each and every closed transaction you initiated.

Give some thought to this opportunity and get back with comments.


Thank you and Sincerely


Ahmed Abdullah ---CEO

Tel: +233 26 751 9124

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