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Количество сотрудников4
Рабочий коллективЧастично остается
Стадия БизнесаРаботающий
Причина продажиЛичное желание
Cрок деятельности бизнесаСвыше пяти
Страна Израиль
ИнициаторBoris A. Eizner

Краткое описание

The main activity of the firm A.Termika Ltd now is:

design and manufacture of mobile equipment for applying industrial  coatings by HVOF and FS methods.

Currently, our main products are HVOF Termika-3 and Flame Spray Termika-2 and sold and operating in many countries in Europe, Asia, North and South Americas, Australia.Today 27 countries.


Полное описание

Private form of ownership.

The main activity of the firm now is:  -design and manufacture of mobile equipment for applying coatings with help of HVOF and Flame Spray methods (gas-thermal technologies.  Our equipment HVOF Termika-3 and FS Termika-2 have sold and operate in many countries in Europe, Asia, North and South Americas, Australia,Africa (on today 27 countries).  -firm also provides services for the repair of equipment by deposition of wear-resistance,heat-resistance and go on HVOF and FS coatings (WC+Co,NiCrBSi and go on). In industrialized countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. such a service can provide a turnover of several million dollars a year.

Our business may be moved without problems to any country. We are ready to train specialists for the buyer and conduct supervision throughout the year and how much need. These services are included in the sale price.

Our firm is already well known in the world thanks to our wide advertising campaign and sales.

The corrupt package also includes the application of emerging technologies of bioactive coatings on dental and orthopedic implants and manufacturing of large diamond grinding wheels. These technologies require further development and advertising. Their potential can reach millions of dollars.

Maintain such a business in Israel with his specificity is very problematically . In a quiet region, we would have already achieved sales of more than $ 1,000,000-3,000,000 per year. Many potential customers are just afraid to come to our company for training and refused from purchase of our equipment (due to periodic military operations). Unfortunately this is the reality for such a beautiful country like Israel.Next reason. We dn't have diplomatic with many muslim countries. But this is urgent market.

This is the main reason why we want to sell the company and move it to another country. Possible option when production shop remain in Israel but training base and office moves to the country of buyer.

Price-we want $2,800.000  All our technological equipment include in sell price.

We must will be after selling:  -work in a company without the right to discharge at 1 years and more if need.  -to prepare for a firm in this term engineers and technicians in correspond areas HVOF and Flame Spray coatings and equipment.  -transfer to the buyer all technical documentation on HVOF Termika-3 and FS Termika-2 and other technologies  -transfer to the buyer the entire base of potential customers.  -after a one-year term is not to compete with the buyer.


Материальные активы в собственности

CNC machines (2),lathe (2),drilling machine(1), computers (4), furniture, tools, gas cylinders, microscopes, machine manufacturing micro-sections (1)

Материальные активы в аренде

Группа товаров/услугиТовар
Категория группыАвиа-, ж/д-, водный транспорт
Подкатегория группыАвтотрейлеры, дома на колесах

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